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02 jan 2012


I'm Caitlin.

My journal is:

friends only

going public for a while

half & half

please god don't read my old posts


New things:

Worked at a dumb temp job!

Took pictures of Jed jumping over fire while Ian breathed fire at him!

Moved into neat apartment with Ian!

Left dumb temp job...

... for dank photo lab job!

Met cute boy who is douche, but is also my boyfriend now.

Have been re-introduced to terrifying world of Star Wars and old PC games.

Went to Montreal!


Yay Montreal!

... will either: a)update in more detail later or b)not post for another 7 months - 3 years.

20 aoû 2010

I will write a real update ... eventually.... FUR SHUR.

In the meantime, here's my flickr, which I almost never update. My facebook gets new photos at least weekly, so if you like them, add me there.

Eh, but in summary:

Am looking for a part-time job to supplement money from photography. As soon as I get said job, I'm moving in with a friend of mine, Ian. He's unreasonably smart and will probably either teach me a ton of shit or make me feel like a moron while he re-assembles a paper shredder into a break-dancing robot.

Been cooking a lot, which I love. Made riso with artichokes, basil, tomatoes, and red onion last nighttttttt..... WITH AARON!! dramatic!shock!horror! I seem to be suddenly datingish Aaron again, which is as surprising and skepticism-inducing to me as it is to you. But things have been going very well - we have been having so much fun just doing nice things. And when we used to talk about my relationship concerns, he'd make me feel more and more like he didn't have any desire to fix or work on anything - like he felt the concerns too, and that's just how it was and nothing was going to get better. When we talk about it now, he puts me at some ease, and I feel better for having talked with him about it. So yeah, I'm going to give this a chance. Third time's a charm?

Got back to reading and movies and all that lovely stuff, as well. Been watching movies with mon ami, Abby lately. We watched Y Tu Mama Tambien, A Single Man, and plan to watch Ladri di biciclette in the next week. Also finally saw La vie en rose or La mome or whatever the hell it's called. ... oh and an independant film from 1990 called 'Metropolitan'. I spotted it at the library and I liked the cover art, plus it had the Criterion stamp on it. I can see how it'd really grate on a lot of people - it's a lot of rich Manhattan teens bleeding, smoking, and feeling sorry for themselves. But I kinda liked it.

So yeah, pix und shit later.

fuck the pain away

iiiiii dunno if anybody reads my journal anymore, but if you do, say howdy here and please update me on how you're doing! I haven't been keeping up to date on anybody's journals lately. :(

schtolen from Olivander.

Things You"ve Done in Yer LyfffeRéduire )

My job starts Monday. I'm working nights. So I'll probably never see anybody ever again. Boo

this quiz will never end.


yarrrRéduire )

I fuckin' judge people sometimes. And I like it. Sometimes, people have opinions on things.

Fuck. It must really suck to be a person that you totally dislike.


Alright, so I've been passing these days of shit by playing on the interwebs and taking pictures.

Here is my pretty blog, Egyptien-Ancien @ tumblr

Here is where I post when I am pissed like "Fuck pretty things!" - The Fuckiverse

I have been getting lots of questions about my photography, and I really do appreciate the interest. Some of my better photos can be seen here, on my deviantArt account.


Right now, doing laundry and entertaining myself by updating iTunes. Very disappointed to find I can't use White Lines as a ringtone. :/



Went to hospital to visit my friend, Marie, who just went in that morning after her water broke. I haven't heard anything as of 9 last night... so dunno if there is a liberated baby just yet. Sort of strange to think it was there... just in Marie's tummy. Yes, tummy.


Might be trying meditation group ... but it feels like I'd giggle a lot, and just generally make everyone feel uncomfortable. People over thar at the Waysmeet House are incredibly nice and completely accepting, but they don't seem to laugh much... and they don't seem interested in having a good time so much as 'discussing' things and finding things 'really interesting' ... mmm.


Don't actually know what I'm doing... really hope Aaron magically becomes cool with shit, and I get to go to Ben's birthday party. I'd be pretty bummed if I missed it. Other than that, there are a few things going on at the Stone Church! There's Gnarlemagne's costume party tomorrow, then Rustic Overtones' WTF-THE-COVER-IS-TWENTY-BUCKS show. Then Vixen Variety Night with Rocky Horror afterwards; yayyy.

So whenever my Moo cards get here, I'll get to bring those prints to Laura to hang in her shop! Huzzah.

disengage the simulator

5000Q Survey: Pt. 23Réduire )


I want this as a tattoo:

What's the most-played song in your music library?


For whatever reason, my #1 most played song on ze iTunes is 1000 Bpm by Beck, with 176 plays. I like this song... I'm not crazy about it. It's not my favorite Beck song - it's not even my favorite on this album. So why it's number one... I have no idea.

Now, last.fm (which was recording plays before the great iTunes explotion of whatever year that happenned) also says 1000Bpm with 210 plays. ??? I dunno.

Anyway, here's the top ten, 'cause that's what Beth did, and I'm stealing this from her anyway.

1. 1000Bpm - Beck
2. Ram On - Paul McCartney
3. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes - Modest Mouse
4. We Dance Alone - Beck
5. Motorcade - Beck
6. made up lovesong #43 - Guillemots
7. A Different City - Modest Mouse
8. Goin' Out West - Tom Waits
9. Missing - Beck
10. No Complaints - Beck

1. 1000Bpm - Beck
2. Goin' Out West - Tom Waits
3. Where is My Mind? - Pixies
4. We Dance Alone - Beck
5. Motorcade - Beck
6. Trains to Brazil - Guillemots
7. Cellphone's Dead - Beck
8. Ram On - Paul McCartney
9. No Complaints - Beck
9. made up lovesong #43 - Guillemots
10. Turn to Stone - ELO

I think a lot of those resulted from albums I'd listen to over and over, like Beck's The Information and Modest Mouse's The Moon and Antarctica.

Just for the fuck of it, here's my most played tracks in the last 3 months from last.fm:

1. All Stripped Down - Tom Waits
2. Boys - Britney Spears
3. In the Colosseum - Tom Waits
4. In the Backseat - Arcade Fire
5. Disengage the Simulator - CKY

So that's normal.

and the photos...Réduire )

Other news:

♠ Franz Ferdinand did a lovely cover of Womanizer
9 was visually stunning and steampunk-licious but didn't have much story.
♠ I don't really like being at this in-between place; I don't like having this many questions that don't feel like they're going to amount to anything.


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